The importance of a lighting plan


 Construction or renovation process can be stressful, and cutting corners on project planning can be a recipe for disaster. In lighting design, it is crucial to have a plan. Remember that all the magic happens behind the wall but the final effect will only be seen when your project is completed. A lighting plan is key.

Effective planning

Effective planning of your lighting design and layout takes into consideration all aspects including functionality, lighting outputs, ambiance and decorative touches and of course the budgets. Lighting, like many other decorative features, can vary in price. Nevertheless, with effective planning we can create most accurate budget that will be suited for any particular project, commercial or residential.

Commercial or Residential Projects

Lighting design and layout must be adapted to individual projects. The product used will vary depending if the project is commercial, industrial or residential. The bigger the project, the more planning it requires. In order to have all necessary technical detail to start proper wiring of your project, it is best to create the lighting plan with fixture selection (especially recessed fixtures) in very early stages of your project. This will allow you to have less stress during the process and most likely, it will cut cost of installation and labor. Furthermore, with a plan in place and fixtures selected, you will be able to cut any delays that you can be faced with for product delivery.

The design process takes account of:

  • The kind of activity for which lighting is to be provided
  • The amount of light required
  • The color of the light as it may affect the views of particular objects and the environment as a whole
  • The distribution of light within the space, whether indoor or outdoor

Lighting Plan Advantages:

  • Proper Lighting Layout & Outputs
  • Design of Lighting Effects and controls
  • Decorative presence of lighting fixtures
  • Budget development in the early stages of the project through fixture selection

Some of the problems you can be faced with if you DO NOT have a lighting plan:

  • Light Color (Kelvin) variation between fixtures
  • Insufficient lighting outputs (deficiency of lumens)
  • Inaccurate placement of junction boxes
  • Project delays & increase in costs of labor